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This chapter describes the steps that must be performed in order for the Customer to use the IBAN Management Service solution.

  • Integration with Antaca Service. This requirement is needed so that the Customer has his own dedicated space to generate and store his users' balances in the Verestro system.
  • Signing an agreement with the IBAN Issuing Institution. Verestro actively helps the Customer to go through this step. This institution issues the base IBAN and settles transfers made in the context of the Customer.
  • Providing the base IBAN to Verestro. This step is directly related to signing an agreement with the IBAN Issuing Institution, which issues such a base IBAN to Customer. On its basis, IBANs of each user of the integrated Customer are generated.

Each base IBAN is created for a specific currency. For example, if the Customer wants IBANs to be generated in EUR and PLN, he must provide two base IBANs - one in EUR and the other one in PLN.

  • Creation of a technical balance in Antaca. This is the balance to which failed transfers will be credited. For example, a transfer to IBAN, which does not exist in the Verestro system.
  • Generating and delivering an x​​509 certificate for signing. This certificate will be used to authorize the Customer.
  • x509 commonName -  this value is provided by the Customer in the CN parameter when generating the CSR file.

This step is only required for server to server integration. Mobile-server integrating Customers can ignore this point.

  • Integration with Mobile DC secure. The Mobile DC service allows you to generate a session token needed to authorize the Customer and get the context of the appropriate user.

This step is only required for mobile to server integration. Server-server integrating Customers can ignore this point.

If the Customer has an Admin Panel created it is necessary to provide the domain of this instance. We need to add this domain to the whitelist. Otherwise, IBAN Management Service API will reject every request with HTTP status 403 - Forbidden.

Example domain to be provided for whitelisting: